From: "Scott S. Logan" <ssl@l****.com>
Date: Mon Oct 16, 2000 7:11 am
Subject: Adapting a QC Gearbox

Received the following private message from a subscriber, but I thought it
pertinent to answer here.

> Scott, Can a Wards (Logan) 2130 lathe be fitted with a quick
> change gearbox.

All Logan (and Wards) 10", 11" and 2900 Series 12" Lathes used the same
gearbox, after serial number 46561. The "Accessory Gearbox", as provided
for Wards Lathes or others not factory equipped, were the same as well,
with one minor modification.

Logan 10" and 11" Lathes not factory equipped with a QC Gearbox, also had a
"Plain Apron", meaning they did not have a clutch for power feeds. These
Lathes use a miter gear arrangement for power cross feeds, and rely on the
half nuts for power longitudinal feeds (in other words, power longitudinal
feeds are a very fine thread).

The aprons on such lathes are different in that the half nut is in a
different relative location.

On QC Lathes with the Automatic Apron, the Lead Screw is on the same
vertical plane as the front edge of the bed. In other words, a vertical
line drawn down from the front edge of the bed would intersect the
centerline of the Lead Screw.

On Plain Change Lathes with the Plain Apron, the Lead Screw is ~11/32"
closer to the bed wall.

As a result, when moving a QC Gearbox from a Lathe with the Automatic Apron
to one with the Plain Apron, the mounting surface of the Gearbox must be
milled down ~11/32". The tailstock support bearing would not be changed
from the original on the Plain Change Lathe. Of course, the Lead Screw
will need to be either kept with the Gearbox, or shortened up to
accommodate the Gearbox.

Please note that Gearboxes from earlier lathes, prior to 46561, or from
2500 Series 12" Lathes, or from any 14" Logan Lathe will not be adaptable
to the 10" or 11" Plain Change Lathes. Also, the Gearbox from the 9"
Lathes are different, although the internal parts are mostly the same (the
Drive Shaft is different, as well as the box itself).